Friday, August 2, 2013

From Locomatix to Twitter

Way back five years ago, just as the iPhone came out, Karthik Ramasamy (@karthikz) and I (@pateljm) started talking about building a combined real-time streaming and real-time analytical platform to power enterprise and consumer mobile services. We started a company called Locomatix to build such a platform. Sanjeev Kulkarni (@sanjeevrk), a founding member of the Google AdSense team, joined Locomatix soon after it was formed.  Next came Chris Kellogg (@cckellogg), who joined in his last semester at the University of Michigan.

Today, I’m very happy to announce that the Locomatix team is joining Twitter!

Special thanks to our families and friends for supporting us throughout this incredible journey. We simply wouldn't have made it without you!

Sanjeev, Karthik and I all got our graduate degrees from the University of Wisconsin, so a big part of Locomatix was powered by UW grads. Go Badgers! We are working on converting Chris into a Badger fan -- its still work in (very slow) progress.

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